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3 Facts You Should Be Aware About DIY Bed Bug Removal

When you choose a hotel ensure to check the reviews if there has ever been a case of bed bug infestation. Or when it comes to home, you may have OCD about its cleanliness. So, no matter how best of the choices you make, you may still end up with bed bug infestation. If you address the issue before it worsens, then you can save yourself by DIY bed bug removal tips. This article will enlighten you on how to get rid of bed bugs for good?

The key is prevention

The price and rating of the hotel doesn’t signify no bed bug problem. Other businesses like retail stores, hospitals, public transport, movie theatres, etc. are also facing the pest issue. Speaking of which, when you enter a room, always check for bed bug symptoms. Never bring the luggage into your room. And if you do, make it stand to prevent the potential exposure. Check under the sheets, bottom of the mattress, under it and behind the headboard. Also look at the corners of the room. Bed bugs are pros at being sneaky.

Rather than looking for the actual bug, seek the following:

  • Dark spots: They are more like their excrements.
  • Eggs: they seem a lot like a grain of an uncooked rice. They will be found clustered together and sticky too when you touch them.
  • Reddish stains: as they hide under the mattresses, when you sleep, you crush some of them. This may leave a reddish stain.
  • Yellow skins: as they grow from nymphs to adults, their yellow skin will be shed.

These issues may sound gross and hence should be addressed right away. You don’t want to enter your home infested.

Heat treatment

When you come back home from the hotel to head for home, wash and dry all the items you have kept in your luggage. The items should be washed in hot water to ensure that the bugs die. Heat treatment is also ideal for rooms that have issues with the bed bugs. Either you can go DIY with this or call an expert.

Vacuuming and freezing

When dealing with a major bed bug infestation, it may frustrate you to the core. A quick way to eliminate the bed bugs, eggs and nymphs is by vacuuming your infested items with a HEPA filter. If your home is deeply infested, this will only reach the surface, hence empty the filter or cyclone container outside. Also, the items that can’t be left in the hot car, in a dryer or steam cleaned, freeze them up. Remember that temperatures must be super cold to make this process effective.

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