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5 Advantages Of Renting An Office To Carry Out Your Activity

Beyond the practicality that this represents for your daily life, occupying an office sends back a professional image of your customers and partners, especially if you rent an office in a business district or an accessible, dynamic district that will only make your employer image attractive.

Rental: A Guarantee Of Flexibility

Compared to buying, which is expensive and committing over the long term, renting allows you to find premises appropriate to your size, budget, and growth. In addition, several of them have included services, such as parking, meeting rooms, equipment, etc. In the event of a financial blow to your business, leasing is an alternative without commitment on your part. If your activity develops, it is also possible for you to move quickly, find more suitable premises, or even feel sufficiently ready to buy after a successful rental.

Significant Tax Advantages

Renting with Dedicated Desk in a Coworking space in Chicago for example for can be advantageous from a tax point of view. Indeed, it may be possible for you to deduct operating expenses relating to the rental price to reduce the taxable profit of your business. This, of course, includes the rent for the rental, but also the professional insurance or the operating costs.

Office Rental: A Choice Of Leases Adapted To Your Activity

When you start leasing premises, a wide choice of leases is available. Generally, two types of leases are offered: the commercial lease and the professional lease. These two leases differ in the activity of the companies concerned. The commercial lease, often long-term, is aimed at commercial and craft activities, although it does not categorically exclude businesses in other sectors. However, companies operating in other sectors of activity can choose this type of lease. The professional lease, for its part, is more suitable for companies’ offering services.

A Range Of Valuable Services And Equipment For Your Business

Renting offices like 620 North LaSalle Office Spaces for example in business centers or similar organizations, such as business incubators, can come with valuable services or equipment for your business, starting with reception. Depending on the services offered by the property manager – and for payment – you can benefit from delivery services, coffee machines, or even printers.

If renting remains an option that is still too expensive or too cumbersome for your company, co-working spaces can be very advantageous for your structure and particularly suitable for small workforces. It is indeed possible for you to rent one or more closed offices or to rent a place in an open space. All this while benefiting from the services made available in co-working and working in a dynamic environment alongside many other entrepreneurs.

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