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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Boost your Home’s Kerb Appeal

You might be thinking of selling up and moving on, or perhaps a friend casually mentioned your place looks a little drab, and you would like to smarten up the front elevation of your property. Here are a few cost-effective ways to introduce the WOW factor at the front of your property.

1.       Replace the Garage Doors – The latest generation of electric garage doors in Essex are really impressive, aside from the range of materials (timber, aluminium, steel or composite), the electric operation is smooth and effortless. You can have a stunning timber-grain finish if your property is of a rural style, while stainless steel is perfect for the modern home. There are a few designs; up & over, sectional doors, and roller doors, which are really impressive.

2.       Resurface the Driveway – If you have a tarmac drive, a resurface wouldn’t be that costly, but for a slightly higher investment, why not choose stylish block paving? Block paving stands the test of time, and by choosing two colours, you can create a unique pattern that will elevate your property aesthetically.

3.       New Perimeter Fencing – If your fencing is relatively new, repainting would be a good idea, but if the fencing has seen better days, why not call in a local fencing company who would have many attractive options, including composite materials that are maintenance free. This would include gating, and after trimming the hedges, your front elevation will look inviting.

4.       Power Wash the Roof – If you rent a power wash machine for the weekend, you can do the roof, the driveway and also the paths, which will transform the property. The head is fully adjustable, allowing you to clean almost any hard surface, restoring it to its original state.

5.       Repaint the House – Exterior painting can really make all the difference, and why not choose a new colour? Oil-based paint will also protect the timber from the harsh UK climate, and a local painter & decorator would finish in a couple of days, leaving your home looking like a new pin.

The above ideas are not expensive and with a general tidy up, the front of your home will be transformed, while also adding value to the property. Spending money on improving and maintaining the home is a wise long-term investment, and one that will pay dividends, while also improving your level of comfort.

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