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5 Important Apartment Security Tips

Safety and security should be your number one concern as a tenant. The tips below can help you, your family and even your belongings safe and sound inside your rented apartment in Farmington Hills. They are proven to be effective when it comes to combating any kind of invasion, intrusion, burglary or break-ins. Security experts and law enforces also highly recommend these tips to avoid such crimes.

Do your research about the crime rate in the area. A quick and simple internet search can give you an idea about incidents that happens around. Talk to the local police and ask about the crime data. Ask some people (could be your potential neighbors) about their experience living in the community. You can also set your own tour around the vicinity (day and night) for you to get a good feel on what its like living at your new found place.

Check the entrance doors of the apartment building. See to it that it requires a pass code, a key or buzz-in to access the hallway of the building. This way, no unwanted visitors can roam free. This can effectively stop any kind of loitering, break-ins, theft or any forms of burglary. This can give the tenants a full control on who can approach their apartment door.

Replace your door locks. Ask your landlord about having them replaced with brand new ones so you’ll know that only you have the keys. Better yet, use your own or preferred kind of locks but make sure to inform your landlord about it beforehand.  Same thing goes with window locks. Replace them all or if not allowed, install additional locks like a simple chain lock.

Check and examine fire escapes. Fire escapes saves lives when emergency or disaster strikes, but it can also be used by criminals to get inside your apartment or house. Make sure that fire escape ladders are off the ground and only tenants inside can lower it down. Talk to your landlord about this if you think that the fire escape is quite vulnerable to intruders outside.

Install security cameras. Even your apartment building has working CCTVs around, make sure that you also have one that you can personally check inside your rented apartment or house. Having cameras inside your apartment can make potential burglars to think twice about entering your space.

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