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Choosing Between Furnished and Unfurnished Apartment for Rental

If you want to take an apartment on rent for living in a new city, it is necessary to decide whether you should prefer furnished apartment or you would like to buy your own furniture and rent an unfurnished apartment.

Following are the few pros and cons of these options and you can make your own choice based on your preference.

Furnished apartment

Any furnished apartment will be provided with all the required furniture that you may need for your living comfortably and obviously it will attract higher rent than choosing to furnish your high-end apartment.


  • You can save all your money and time for buying additional furniture that you would have needed for any unfurnished accommodation in order to make living comfortable as per your choice.
  • All you need to bring is your own personal luggage and can easily settle down yourself in your new accommodation.

  • It can be a practical choice, if you need to live in any new place for shorter duration and it will be very little hassle for you.
  • You can prefer to have shorter lease period as furnished apartment may not need year-long lease period.
  • For a student who want to stay for shorter period or any businessman who does not want to stay longer will feel convenient in this option.


  1. You will need to pay higher rent and security as compared to unfurnished apartment.
  2. You have to be very careful while using furniture as slight damage will invite higher damage charge.
  3. All furniture may not suit you and meet your need.

Unfurnished apartment

In your unfurnished apartment you have to buy furniture as per your need by making one-time investment.


  • You can save considerable amount of money in terms of rent
  • It is a blank canvas and you can furnish as per your need.
  • You can display your own choice and taste by having your own furniture
  • It will be your long-term investment to buy all furniture of your liking.


  • If you have to stay for shorter duration then you have to unnecessarily spend your money for buying furniture.
  • Quite possible the furniture of your choice may not be accommodated inside the apartment.
  • When you have to move out of the apartment then you have to carry too much item which will not only be a burden for you but also additional expense to rent trucks and other expenses.

Now looking at the above you can make your choice between furnished or unfurnished apartment.

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