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Factors and benefits of Ergonomic desk Foot stool

Said, it assists you in adjusting your legs and feet to the most ergonomic position possible for enhanced comfort and a lower chance of health problems. When it comes to setting up your workstation so that your body is in the most ergonomic position at the desk, we start by adjusting the chair to the correct desk height so that your elbows are slightly above desk foot stool level.

Many people feel that their feet are raised off the floor and cannot put their feet level on the floor to achieve this first position. It position is necessary when working at a desk because without the feet being supported, blood circulation in the back of the thighs might be cut, causing pain and future health problems. Today, there are many different designs of footrests with different purposes based on the user’s need; therefore, we’re here to go through the aspects to consider when buying a footrest.

  1. Boost blood circulation 

By keeping the legs and feet in the most neutral position while seated, footrests help to lower the chance of developing circulation problems. Advanced footrest options include a ‘rocking’ feature that enhances its function by encouraging leg mobility when sitting at a computer.

  1. Increased Productivity and Comfort

You will instantly feel more comfortable using a footrest to position your legs and feet at the desk. More comfort equates to less pain, and less pain equates to increased productivity.

Factors to Consider When Buying Footrest Height Adjustability:

The height adjustment for a footrest is the most common factor to consider. It enables the user’s correct height to determine the height adjustment’s measurements to guarantee you choose the appropriate one for your needs.

  • Footrest Angle Adjustment:Some footrests have a fixed or movable angle adjustment. It allows the user to alter the adjustment to ensure that the ankle joint is neutral for maximum comfort while sitting.
  • Rocking Function – Footpad Movement: Individual ergonomic footrests have a rolling mechanism for the footpad, which allows the footrests to rock back and forth, boosting blood circulation and encouraging movement.
  • Heavy-Duty Materials: The footpad on most footrests is made of hard plastic, which is standard. Others include ribbed footpads that provide a massage to the feet while in use. Looking at a product like the high rise footrest with its heavy-duty carpeted footpad that helps cling the shoes to the footrest and prevents feet from slipping off the footrest may be the ideal solution for work conditions when dirty shoes are involved.


Including a desk foot stool in your work ergonomics provides numerous health benefits and the ability to work more comfortably and efficiently. There are numerous types of footrests on the market today, each with its own set of characteristics depending on the desk configuration and the user’s preferences. There is a wide choice of footrests available from No More Pain Ergonomics to meet the demands of all users, which may be found here. Feel free to reach out through our official website, if you have any particular queries about footrests and how we can help you discover the ideal solution.

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