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Helpful Information When Looking to Buy a New Bed

Whether you are buying your first bed or replacing an old friend, it seems like a confusing task with so many different styles and bed frame options. As we all know, getting the right amount of good quality sleep is very important as our body is repairing our physical and mental functions while we are asleep. Therefore, it is critical that you have a suitable bedding platform which will enable you to get a good night’s sleep. When you decide it is time to purchase a new bed frame, there is a wealth of different options to choose from. In this short piece, we will look at the different options available, from Divan beds to a classic wooden bed frame. Malaysia has many great bed suppliers where you can find the solution to your problem.

What Is the Best Material?

Bed frames are manufactured in many different materials and designs, but the two most popular are wood and metal; wooden frames are very strong and moisture-resistant, and they also have a classic look which suits almost every type of bedroom design. Metal bed frames have durability and strength while giving you fantastic value for your money; the flexibility of the material also provides a vast array of modern design choices. Divan beds or beds with storage draws use other materials, but the core of their design will normally use one of these two excellent materials.

The Different Bed Frame Heights

Bed frames generally come in three heights, sometimes called profiles; the frame, by keeping the mattress off the floor, prevents dust and mould while allowing air circulation and a cooler environment which promotes quality sleep. Standard profile beds are the most common type of bed frame, which sits around 33 – 38 centimetres from the floor, allowing some storage space. Lower or higher profile bed frames obviously differ, giving more or less storage space or room for the air to circulate. It is also easier to get out of a bed with a higher profile, so these bed frames are more suitable for people with restricted mobility. Divan beds do not have this air gap and can sometimes be prone to problems if not properly monitored.

In spending your hard-earned money on a quality bed frame which both supports your mattress and looks good in your bedroom, you will be making a great investment. Getting enough sleep is crucial to maintaining good health and well-being, so in truth, it’s priceless.

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