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How Rosettes and Medallions Add Character to Your Interiors

If you want to add some personality and sophistication to your room, adding rosettes and medallions can be one of the best ways to go. They are beautiful, intricate, and can bring a classic touch to any modern interior. The medallions are circular or oval-shaped decorations that you can install on the ceiling. They usually come in a variety of designs such as floral, geometric, and classical forms. Rosettes, on the other hand, are smaller roundels that can be placed around the ceiling’s chandeliers, fans, etc. They are also known as ceiling roses and come in various shapes and sizes, so let’s check out how you can add charm to your interiors using these ornamental mouldings.


When you think of rosettes, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic Victorian era. Rosettes are a very classic and sophisticated way to add some style and elegance to your ceiling, and can easily be paired with chandeliers or pendant lights. They can also be painted to match your ceilings or the walls of your room. Rosettes come in various designs such as flowers or geometric patterns, so make sure to choose the right design that reflects your personality and complements your interior design. You may consider choosing a different design for different rooms in order to create differentiation and uniqueness.


If you want to add some grandeur to your room, medallions should be your way to go. They are quite similar to rosettes but have a larger and more intricate design. Medallions with intricate patterns are used in grand halls or receptions, while newly designed ones are more common in modern interiors. You can find medallions in various materials such as polyurethane, composite, and plaster. If you want to match your medallions with your wider moulding interior (known as บัวผนังภายใน in Thai), you should opt for plaster medallions, but they may be more fragile compared to other materials.


It is an important aspect to consider while installing rosettes and medallions. Make sure to plan the layout before installing the medallions. The centre of the medallion should be perfectly aligned with the light fixture on the ceiling. The best way to measure the position is to trace the medallion onto a carton and hang it to the ceiling and mark the centre. The next step is to attach the medallion to the ceiling and then paint it according to the colour of your ceiling. Ensure that you use high-quality adhesive glue to avoid any mishaps. If you are not confident about the installation process, it is recommended that you hire professionals to get the job done.

Rosettes and medallions are a great way to add character to your interiors. If you want to create a style statement in your living space, these ornamental mouldings may just be the thing you need. From classic Victorian to contemporary and modern designs, these decorative ceiling elements can easily enhance any style. Whether you are installing it yourself or hiring professionals to do it, make sure to plan the layout and select the right material, design, and size for the perfect result. Once installed, these ceiling artifacts will definitely make your interiors stand out.

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