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How Your Refrigerator Works?

Refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances of every home and as the time passes the technology upgradations bring out many different new features in this household appliance.

In the market, you will find many different manufacturers who are offering their refrigerators of many different models. LG refrigerator or refrigerateur LG in French language is one of well-known brand for this appliance.

However, do you know how this important appliance really works and provide you a cool storage for your food and drinks? If you still remember the physics course that you must have studied in high school as well as college, then it will be easier to explain it.

The 2nd law of thermodynamics that you studied in your high school states that:

“When 2 surfaces having different temperatures will come in contact then the surface which is at much higher temperature will cool and surface at lower temperature will be warm.” Another physics concept that you may remember is that as gas will expand it will get colder in temperature.

Now with this understanding, let us try to explain different parts of the refrigerator and their working.

There is a refrigerant whose main function is cooling. Older models of refrigerators were using Freons as refrigerant but nowadays ammonia or HFC’s is used. When the liquid refrigerant will change its pressure and temperature, it will keep the refrigerator cold.

Refrigerant will evaporate at low temperature which keeps the fridge cool. Now the evaporator is meant for absorbing heat from the refrigerator. Also, there are heating coils at the back of your refrigerator that carries the refrigerant.

The compressor unit which is powered by motor is meant for increasing the refrigerant pressure and thus increases its temperature. The condenser will condense all the vaporized refrigerant, and converts it into liquid, as a result lowers its temperature.

Next the expansion valve which is thin copper wire meant for reducing the pressure of refrigerant into its liquid form.

Refrigerators cycle will change pressure, temperature, and also refrigerant. The refrigerant will pass through the compressor as gas, which is compressed and temperature and pressure will increase.

Then refrigerant will pass through heating coils surrounding the refrigerator, and while heat gets released temperature of refrigerant will decrease because of heat loss. The refrigerant now passes through condenser, and reduces its temperature.

As the pressure remains the same the refrigerant becomes liquid again and passes through expansion valve, and pressure of refrigerant reduces, and it evaporates and expands and again reduces temperature. This cycle continues and the refrigerator gets cooled.sw

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