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Silica – An Important Ingredient That Fights Back Diseases and Deficiency for Better Growth of Plants

Most of us love gardening and none of us hate seeing greenery. Plants are not only for decoration, but they help in generating oxygen. Entire world is focusing on environmentally friendly substances, why, Because of excess pollution and global warming. Increase in plantation helps in holding soil reducing erosion and balancing the natural climate.

However, plants cannot be grown in all kinds of soil. They need healthy environment, nourishment, sun, water to grow strong and healthy with green leaves and thick branches. Does that mean that it is difficult to grow plants in infertile soil? Well, not really. There are many organic materials available in market that helps in improvising the soil condition.

There are many compounds and nutrients available in soil –

  • Potash
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Phosphate
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Sulfur

However, the most important mineral is Silica. It is a grouping of Silicon and Oxygen and is found in good amount in soil. Silica is used both for man-made products and nature. Silica for plants is important because it helps bringing the plant tissues together and thereby strengthening it. When silica is less in soil, then plants become weak, leaves yellow and flowers puny. In case, silica is missing in the soil, then adding organic matter helps in maintaining a balance of all nutrients.

Harvest Gold Organics provides premium quality soil conditioner that if mixed in soil, helps in increasing nutrients and water. If the soil testing kit shows that pH balance or some of the nutrients are missing from soil, then using soil conditioner or any other organic or non-organic material can help in balancing it. HGO products are chemical-free and USDA approved which means you’re indoor and outdoor plants will all grow healthily.  They are situated in Texas but deliver their products in many other cities.

Here are some benefits of silica in plantation –

  • As mentioned above it helps in strengthening the cell walls which helps in building strong plant, stems, and branches. This helps in supporting the weight of fruits, flowers and hardships like storm and wind.
  • Thicker cell walls help in generating stronger and larger stems and branches. Huge branches and stems help in transporting more water, secretion, and nutrients from roots to leaves which helps in faster growth.
  • Good content of silica in plants help them to sustain any kind of weather.
  • During drought or low moisture condition, it helps plants to still function normally, because silica forms a protective coat that reduces the chances of water loss.
  • When silica is fed to plants they accumulate in the areas where fungus or mold has damaged it. It helps to build extra mineral barrier to avoid disease in plants.
  • Similarly, it prevents bugs and other insects to bite and damage plants.

Silica should be used in garden every time when there is deficiency. This means as long as you’re into gardening, silica has to be used. Get good quality of organic material that has silica along with all other required products. For a healthy environment and greenery, slight devotion is necessary.

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