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The importance of the professionals when removing asbestos in Melbourne

Moving into a property either commercially or domestically, is always a great thrill, and it presents the opportunity to put down roots and add your own individualism to the space. However, before getting to work on the aesthetics there are also some important assessments to be made, especially in older buildings.

In Victoria, it is essential to ensure the functionality of plumbing and electrical systems and consider green & money-saving improvements. For those facing such situations, seeking assistance from a professional team with diverse expertise, including asbestos testing services in Melbourne, is highly recommended.

Asbestos was once used frequently in the building industry, especially in the boom years as businesses and large areas of housing grew to satisfy demands across Australia. It is essential to have a building tested for it, especially those who are becoming new occupants, although those in situ for many years should also take heed.

The use of asbestos was banned nationwide in 2003. Things have changed a lot since the days when economics were the major factor. Advances in health studies and technology have uncovered that the material leads to the risk of several serious diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. In short, it requires its removal quickly and safely by a team of experts so nobody can be held responsible for the ill health incurred by others. Health and safety are paramount.

Fortunately, residents and proprietors in the Melbourne area can have the job carried out by a professional team to provide a total peace of mind. The company that started purely as a family concern 1976 as plumbers, is now a large multi-disciplinary trades and construction company.  Over 100 skilled team members provide the highest levels of safety and offer a sustainable environment from their many branch locations that provide the resources to deal with any issues.

Calling in a firm that collaborates with various authorities and regulatory bodies which includes government in helping to develop approved codes of practice and safe-work procedures for the removal of asbestos in soils ensures that anyone who uses them are in safe hands. Strict laws are in place regarding the removal of asbestos, so why take risks when it’s possible to use a company that is certified for BSI works.

The obligations that must be met are all covered, starting with a notification to Victorian Workcover, prior to agreeing timelines with the authorities. A mandatory supervisor will be appointed for each job, who will oversee the development of a control plan before work can commence. All involved will be trained and those in the vicinity given full information. Proper signage will be in place, before specific means of agreed removal will commence. Decontamination facilities along with safety equipment, clothing, and medical examinations complete the highest quality service.

Having a test for any possible asbestos is essential for anyone unsure about their property, while bringing in a team with all the skills and certificates to carry out any removal is a no brainer.

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