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The Ins and Outs of Hairpin Legs: What You Need to Know

Like the word suggests, hairpin legs are made from long pieces of steel with a bend at one end. They resemble clothespins and often come in sets of two or four for tables and chairs. So if you need to save space or want something simple but stylish, Hairpin Desk Legs are an option worth considering.

Here’s what you should know before you purchase hairpin legs:

– Hairpin legs are typically made from steel, iron, or aluminum.

– They’re often sold as sets of four and can cost less than $20 for a set.

– The height ranges between 18 and 25 inches high on average. Some models may be adjustable to help save space in small rooms like studios if you’re short on space.

– You can attach hairpin legs to wooden table tops, desks, or cabinets with the use of nuts and bolts.

– Since they are made from metal, you must take care when attaching them so that your furniture is appropriately grounded since it may conduct electricity in humid weather conditions. Some models come pre-drilled, and others require you to drill into the wood yourself.

– You can also attach hairpin legs to wooden furniture already standing by drilling screws through them directly.

– If attaching these legs, be sure not to over tighten as they may bend or break if put under too much pressure.

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