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Tips for Running a Productive Office

When you throw a bunch of people into a space and ask them to work towards a common goal, it is obviously important to create the right ambience and provide all the amenities necessary for optimum levels of work. Rather like soccer coach, the business owner must encourage and support the office staff, making sure that all is well.

Here are a few tips on office layout and management to help you create the perfect working space.

  • Create Stakeholders – Call a staff meeting and ask all employees for their ideas and feedback regarding the office layout and design and make not of their ideas. This creates a sense of ownership, as you are consulting them about their workplace and this will be very beneficial for the business. Make your staff feel like they are a team with a common goal to be as productive as possible and you will see a spike in performance.
  • Address Issues – Don’t overlook anything, even small requests, and if the photocopier keeps freezing, call the engineer and have it fixed. If your team understand that you are a person of action, they will consult you over many things and when all office equipment is working as it should, the staff will be more productive.
  • Clean Working Environment – There are firms that offer affordable commercial, office and industrial cleaning in Sydney and they can easily be found with a Google search. They will tailor the service to suit and you can rest assured that your staff are coming to a clean office every morning, with bathroom towels, tissue and soap, plus a top up of the tea and coffee area. Choose an established office cleaner, one with the resources to ensure no break in service.
  • Open Plan Layout – You should take a leaf out of Google’s book and have an open plan design with a huge communal area, which encourages dialogue; half partitions create personal workspace and outside of that, the design should be geared to encourage interaction and dialogue.
  • Migrate to the Cloud – If you digitalise everything and store all your business data on a secure remote server, you can eradicate those bulky filing cabinets as you only need a small one to keep original documents. Any staff member can instantly pull up what they need on their work screen (they won’t be wasting time walking to and from the filing cabinet), plus the data can be accessed from any location.

If you make the best use of available tech and give your staff some ownership, you can create the perfect working environment that will be an example to all.


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