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What Are The Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras?

Budget, property and home security priorities of every household can be different. One size does not fit all. The placement of the home security system is one of the critical decisions that will impact the overall security of a place. It is required that you consider these areas and figure out which are most needed on the basis of the vulnerabilities in the home.

In this article, we will look at the best places in your home to place the home security camera in your house.    

Make quick decisions

Place your camera above the off-street windows, and front door. You will cover the most theft-prone areas surrounding your home and also avoid vandalism. Consider putting your camera at the garage, back door, the driveway, the basement, or the 2nd floor to achieve a high level of security.

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At the Front Door

Nearly 34% of thieves enter via the front door. This is one of the most vulnerable places to install surveillance cameras. Actually, this is the most important place for the placement of a security camera outside the home. Place the camera at the 2nd-floor level to prevent a burglar from hitting out your camera.

At the Back Door

The second most important place to keep your camera is at the side doors and back door of the house. Nearly 20% of thieves invade the house through this route. You need to attach a security camera to all the doors in case of any intrusion.

Close to Off-Street Windows

Around 25% of the thieves make their entry into your home by way of a rear window, far from the street view. They reduce the possibility of getting caught by cars passing by.

Other Places to Put CCTV Cameras

Some of the best places to install CCTV camera is at the front door, off-street windows, and back door. You can prevent around eighty percent of the thieves from stealing or any other malicious threats at home.


Placement of security cameras is important to stop home break-ins in the house and keep the property, and family safe from burglars, and vandals. All these home security camera placement tips will help you install home security cameras at the right place and maximize its utility.

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