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Which Roof Windows are Right for You?

Choosing the right type of roof windows for a property is never a straightforward undertaking. There are a few different elements to consider, from the state of the roof the window will be installed on, to the aesthetic of the property and the desire for the room below and what it is to be used for. On top of that, there are numerous choices of style and material when choosing which roof window is right for you. The best thing you can do is to work with a supplier of flat skylights and roof lanterns that has a reputation that you can trust.

What are the different aspects of roof windows that you should consider?

One of the major choices is whether you wish to have a roof window that is fixed or is capable of opening. If you require ventilation in the room where the roof window is to be installed you may wish to install an opening roof window, if not then you could choose a roof lantern or other design where the window remains closed at all times, and helps to bring light into the room.

Your choice of frame is also incredibly important, with some roof windows, roof lanterns, and roof skylights made from PVCu, timber, aluminium, and some from steel. Depending on the style of the property the window is being installed at, you might choose one of these types of materials over the others. Where there is a necessity for planning permission (as with refurbishment at a listed property for example, it could be that you can only use a certain type of material – such as timber if the rest of the property is constructed using a certain type of timber).

For a modern home you are more likely to use a material such as PVCu, aluminium or steel, especially as these are much better for long-term maintenance and cleaning purposes. Once you have chosen the materials to build the frame your glazing choice should be next on the list.

Think about whether you want to choose glazing that is energy efficient (double or triple glazing to trap heat and provide greater comfort levels), gazing that is thermal efficient (as it is susceptible to direct sunlight as a roof window in most cases), or glazing that provides greater levels of privacy (glare reduction and tinted glass are options here). You should also consider your choice of glazing in terms of how easy it is to maintain and how safe it is in terms of being shatterproof.

Roof windows, skylights for flat roofs, and roof lanterns are all great additions to a home, whether as part of a flat roof extension that is brand new to the property, or as a way to improve a current property with a refurbishment. Working with suppliers of roof windows ensures that you can choose the right roof window for your budget, your exact design and aesthetic requirements, and of course, your requirements. There are various ways in which you can look at a roof skylight to enhance your property, and with specialist advice from experts in the field, you can make the right choice moving forward.

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