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Wood Burning Pool Heater: The Best Way To Heat Your Pool

Have you ever considered switching to a sustainable heating source to heat your pools? If yes, then you already know what e rarer talking about. Yes! It’s the wood burning pool heaters that we are hinting at. A sustainable heating appliance, it can be used to effectively heat pools, especially in the suburbs, where other heating mechanisms that involve fossil fuels can be both expensive to your budget and the environment.

How does the wood burning pool heater work?

A 50-feet long copper pipe is mounted over the wood furnace, and the cold pool water is made to pass through it. The water heats up inside the pipe, just like in the case of a stranded water heater and is returned to the pool to heat it. The process is repeated to heat the entire pool.

The benefits of wood-burning pool heaters

There are countless benefits of using a wood-burning pool heater instead of a heating pump or any other appliance that uses the expensive and non-renewable fossil fuels to generate heat. If you want to know about some other inherent benefits of the same, keep reading:

  • It poses no harm to the environment – As you burn wood to heat your pool, you don’t pose any harm to the environment. You can also keep your home warm with the heat generated from the outdoor furnace.
  • It maintains the balance of nature – While bathing in the warm water, heated up by the pool, you can give your children an important lesson. Tell them how the pool is being heated up, so they learn the way nature works. Don’t forget to state that the CO2 emitted from burning the wood is the same that the tree had absorbed from the atmosphere. Let them know that you’re just helping that CO2 gets released into the environment by burning the wood.
  • It is safe – As the name implies, most outdoor wood furnaces are installed outside the house, thus reducing the chances of accidental fires to a minimum. If you live with little kids, it can help you keep them safe and warm during the cold, winter months.
  • It keeps the insects away – As the wood burns for long, and you can control the rate of burning, depending on the appliance you use, it helps keep the pests away from the house.

You will never experience a dearth of firewood, as long as someone cuts the entire forest down. And that, my friend, is not possible, as the government keeps an eye on excessive wood harvesting and takes necessary actions in case of violations of the rules. So, invest in an efficient wood burning pool heater and keep your children happy by letting them soak in the warm water during winter.

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