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Know About Composting and Its Benefit

Composting is all about creation of bio-oxidative decomposition by using various organic wastes under certain controlled environment.

As the aerobic microorganisms like bacteria, protozoans, fungi and actinomycetes will break down all the waste material, it will cause decomposition.

Then such decomposition will produce humus-rich material and compost spreader (épandeur à compost in French) which will spread them on the lawn.

Usually, humus which is decomposed organic matter will be comprised of various carbon-based compounds which are sturdy and can be resistant to break down.

What material can you compost?

Variety of materials can be used for compost like straw, grass clippings, leaves, kitchen scraps, cardboard, wood chips, peat moss and manure.

Following are few different types of compost:

  • Hot composting
  • Vermicomposting which is also called red worm composting.

Benefits of composting

Composting as we know is beneficial to our garden that can be added during seed-starting mixes, garden beds, container plantings or lawns and does following important jobs:

  • Microorganisms present in compost can help in breaking down organic matters into plant-available nutrients, to grow plants stronger.
  • If added to soil, compost will increase amount of moisture that soil retains, so that your plants remain moist for much longer.
  • Compost helps cleaning up and repairing the contaminated soil and also soils that was destroyed by pesticide use.
  • Compost can also help prevent erosion.
  • It can improve soil structure and sandy soil can retain more moisture. It also helps to break up the clay soils.
  • Adding compost to the soil can give it natural and slow-release fertilizer needed for your plants.
  • Compost can boost community of microorganisms as well as other creatures that are useful for enhancing nutrient and also fighting against diseases of plant.

Composing can benefits mother earth

In addition to that, compost is good for our planet in general. All the vegetable scraps and fruits, eggshells, grass clippings, coffee grounds, fallen leaves and various animal manure that can be turned into a useful compost.

If all these are just piled up then they may produce methane that can harm the atmosphere due to decomposition.

Therefore, all these materials should be easily converted into useful thing by lugging them to the dump. There will be no need of any heavy machinery to transport all these wastes.

On the other hand, when we compost, then we will need only a strong shovel. You will end up with a healthy garden as well as a healthy planet.

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